K-12 School/District Pledge

Our economy is rapidly shifting, and families, educators and business leaders are increasingly recognizing that computer science (CS) is a “new basic” skill necessary for economic opportunity and social mobility in a world driven by software.

CSforALL is calling on every school principal and district superintendent in America to join in its commitment to support the goals of expanding access to CS by signing the CSforALL Pledge. CSforALL will continue to update the pledge list monthly.

Schools Signing the CSforALL K-12 School/District Pledge

These 77 districts and 303 schools – together representing a total of 3343 schools, across 39 states  have signed the CSforALL pledge to support the expansion of Computer Science to every K12 student in the United States.

These schools and districts pledge to: support professional development for CS teachers, administrators, and guidance counselors; encourage all students to learn CS; offer a variety of opportunities throughout their grade levels for CS learning; and assign a primary point of contact in their school or district for CS education.

Updated 1/31/2017

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Infographic with Pledge Data

Schools that completed the CSforALL K12 School/District Pledge also answered some questions about their current state of implementation for CS. See what is challenging for schools and districts!

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Encourage your school/district to take the CSforALL K12 pledge (email template included)

Ask schools within your district/association or other districts/associations to make the pledge. Send them a quick email (email template provided here).


How to Get Involved

To become a member of CSforALL, first review the Membership Guidelines. If you meet the membership criteria, complete this form1. We will be reviewing applications and approving new members during the first week of every month. You will hear from us shortly thereafter!

Benefits of Membership

CSforALL members will benefit primarily through the increased visibility of their work to states, districts, schools, and other implementing partners, as well as funders and policy makers. Additionally, CSforALL sees its role as an initiator of community, and members may be invited to participate or share events where they are the target community/audience. As CSforALL evolves and grows under the guidance of the Steering Committee, there may be other benefits.

Responsibilities of Members

Members will be asked to:

  • Create and maintain a CSforALL landing page or resource collection on their website2
  • Provide CSforALL with a logo and URL to display on the website
  • Respond to annual requests from CSforALL for data or reporting of activities/commitments regarding CS education activities (e.g., number of teachers trained, schools impacted, student numbers and demographics, etc.)

1 If your membership is approved, the information you provided for the required fields will be used to create your public membership profile on the CSforALL site. Please do not include any private or confidential information.
2 If a member’s content is explicitly focused on CS education, the member’s primary home page may be used as the CSforALL landing page.