The SCRIPT: Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool

The SCRIPT — the Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool — is a framework to guide teams of district administrators, school leaders, and educators through a series of collaborative visioning, self-assessment and goal-setting exercises to create or expand upon a computer science education implementation plan for their students.

We believe that in order to create rigorous, inclusive and sustainable K-12 Computer Science education, school districts are a critical unit of change. Through the SCRIPT model, districts will undergo a rigorous self-reflection against five key areas: (1) Leadership, (2) Teacher Capacity and Development, (3) Curriculum and Materials Selection and Refinement, (4) Partners, and (5) Community. This approach emphasizes the engagement of multiple stakeholders to support district work as well as the development of a CS education task force to evaluate the existing ecosystem and accomplish goals, which enables districts to make meaningful steps towards creating a sustainable, rigorous, and place-based/culturally relevant computer science pathway for all students.

SCRIPT Workshops

SCRIPT workshops bring together teams from school districts to engage in a process of self-reflection and goal setting. Since August of 2017, over 100 districts have participated in SCRIPT workshops around the country.

In workshops, over 90% of participants said the workshop helped them identify actionable goals. One workshop participant said “The most useful portion was developing district goals because we were able to do an honest assessment of the district’s CS education in it’s current state, which was a great stepping stone into developing and determining goals, a plan, and the next steps to bringing CS education to the district.”

About the rubrics: “The rubric was a critical piece in developing our goals as it helped us design goals that would get us to the next level and move us along the spectrum.”

How to Get Involved

  • School Districts: Learn more about upcoming workshops in your area, or connect with us to see if there are already trained SCRIPT Facilitators in your area!
  • States: Connect with us to bring a SCRIPT workshop or SCRIPT Facilitator training to your state!
  • Local Partners: Join us for a workshop to observe the SCRIPT work in action,learn more about how you can support districts in their work, and lend your expertise on a Partner Panel!
  • Funders: Districts are continuously looking for support! Donate space, volunteers, technology, or host a workshop!
  • Join the Consortium! Membership is free. Follow the link here to learn more about how to get involved.

Contact SCRIPT Project Manager, Lauren Wright, at!



How to Get Involved

To become a member of CSforALL, first review the Membership Guidelines. If you meet the membership criteria, complete this form1. We will be reviewing applications and approving new members during the first week of every month. You will hear from us shortly thereafter!

Benefits of Membership

CSforALL members will benefit primarily through the increased visibility of their work to states, districts, schools, and other implementing partners, as well as funders and policy makers. Additionally, CSforALL sees its role as an initiator of community, and members may be invited to participate or share events where they are the target community/audience. As CSforALL evolves and grows under the guidance of the Steering Committee, there may be other benefits.

Responsibilities of Members

Members will be asked to:

  • Create and maintain a CSforALL landing page or resource collection on their website2
  • Provide CSforALL with a logo and URL to display on the website
  • Respond to annual requests from CSforALL for data or reporting of activities/commitments regarding CS education activities (e.g., number of teachers trained, schools impacted, student numbers and demographics, etc.)

1 If your membership is approved, the information you provided for the required fields will be used to create your public membership profile on the CSforALL site. Please do not include any private or confidential information.
2 If a member’s content is explicitly focused on CS education, the member’s primary home page may be used as the CSforALL landing page.