CSforALL's Response to COVID-19

Support Local Change

Education is an inherently local enterprise, and CSforALL works with school districts, regional education agencies, and state departments of education to ensure that computer science is implemented with rigor, inclusion, and sustainability.

We build the capacity of school districts and other education agencies to deliver CS to all students by:

  • Helping districts and other organizations create a plan for CS implementation based on local conditions and goals, supporting collective impact around school districts (funding, partners, community), and encouraging local ownership
  • Supporting partners in using CSforALL frameworks and reports to support local implementations
  • Providing support and guidance to local initiatives across the country through the SCRIPT process and regular “office hours” for consultations

SCRIPT Highlights:


  • Teams from school systems across the country who collectively serve more than one million students have worked through the SCRIPT planning process to create rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science education strategies. CSforALL has already used the SCRIPT — the Strategic CSforALL Resource & Implementation Planning Tool
  • SCRIPT workshops have been held in 98 districts (in 2018) across the country and more are being launched every day

Other Projects:

  • EcoSystemsforCS - an initiative to promote community-led systems change in K-12 computer science education
  • CS Visions – a research project to define the values that drive K-12 CS adoption and can be aligned with the design process

  • Office Hours – Regularly scheduled opportunities to receive consultation and support from the CSforALL team and network with other members of CSforALL

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