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Founded in 2019, we are a group of students devoted to bringing modern web and app development opportunities to underrepresented students. We strive to increase diversity in the technology workforce and empower students, regardless of their socioeconomic status or racial background, to make a social impact through full-stack development. We hope the knowledge we impart through our program will make a difference starting on a small scale to eventually a global scale. In the middle of March 2020, the COVID global pandemic has affected billions of individuals worldwide and most importantly students’ education. Education for students has been compromised due to the shift towards online classes. However, this has allowed more time for developing new skills and hobbies that students may not have been able to learn. Our goal is to provide these students with the opportunity and resources for accessing free and interactive online full-stack development courses. Our content comes in the form of workshops, courses, camps, and webinars! We have hosted several 4-week long courses, where students (usually middle schoolers and high schoolers) learn concepts in great depth, such as web development and mobile app development. Our webinars and workshops, geared towards students of all ages, are a great way for students to get introduced to Computer Science and start their journey with Programming. Lastly, we have started to offer winter camps, which have a similar format to our courses, but they are contiguous, go in more depth, and are meant for students with some level of prior programming experience. All in all, we hope that students can get the necessary education out of our events to become a computer science developer and make a global impact right from their homes!