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As the hub of the national K-12 computer science community, our goal is to expand, connect and amplify the collective voice of the CSforALL movement. We are here to lift up the work of our members while creating meaningful connectivity to ensure alignment, collaboration, as well as resource and knowledge sharing. It takes less than 20 minutes to set up your organization's member account and it's FREE to join.

How Can Membership Support Your CSforALL Efforts?

As a member of our community, you will have multiple opportunities to engage with other community members, share what you are doing, highlight upcoming events, share resources, and much more.

Member Benefits

Members can share guest posts on our Medium channel, participate in or lead topic based webinars/community calls, interact with other community members via our Slack channel and gain access to key research findings around CSEd, through our RPPforCS members! Members are also invited to participate in our annual CSforALL Summit. circuit

Types of Membership

The following paragraphs on this page describe the benefits of the different types of CSforALL memberships. circuit

Content Providers

  • List information about your program, topics covered, and grade levels served so educators, schools and districts can more easily find you
  • Connect with learning scientists and other researchers studying how children learn CS concepts


  • Share their work with an audience of practitioners and funders to expand your impact and develop new partnerships
  • Develop connections with other researchers with similar or complementary areas of focus


  • Learn about challenges and promising work in the CS education field
  • Identify programs addressing issues aligned with your funding goals
  • Connect with colleagues in philanthropy

School Districts

  • Connect with a growing field of schools, districts, and other educational organizations working toward CS for all students
  • Discover new content and curriculum to meet the needs of your students
  • Learn from the latest research in the field

Out of School Providers

  • Discover new content and programs for the youth you serve
  • Connect with peer organizations working in CS education
  • Learn about developments in formal K-12 CS education
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Students learning computer science

The Power of Our CSforALL Community

In recent years, K-12 computer science education went from a “nice to have” to a “must have.”

“Computer science for all” is a movement to change fundamentally what students learn at a national scale. CS represents the first meaningful addition of core academic subject to schools’ curriculum since the beginning of formal public education in this country. By joining CSforALL, you become part of a national community dedicated to growing these efforts across the US.

One of the perks of becoming a CSforALL member is the opportunity to take advantage of office hours to ask questions of our in-house subject matter experts on topics such as school and district change, curriculum, partnerships, and research.

Membership is free, so join CSforALL today!


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