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Computer science is a fun way to create games, apps, animations, art, or stories using computers. Many schools are just starting out on their journey to offer CS to students. CSforALL can help you find ways to learn outside the classroom, find resources to share with your school to help them advance their CS education plans, and provide connections to community events where you can get informed about what is happening across the nation.

How we can help you power your CSforALL Efforts

Students learning computer science

Find Curriculum or Activities

Check out our members page to find curriculum and activities for kids of all ages.

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Students learning computer science

Help Your School or District Plan for CS Education

CSforALL’s SCRIPT tools are specifically designed to help schools and districts plan K-12 computer science pathways that meet their local needs.

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Students learning computer science

Find Out What is Happening This Year

Check out the pledges from the annual CSforALL Summit to see who is working in your area!

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Powered By Students

We have students of all ages who have joined with CSforALL to become computer science advocates, equality advocates, and accessibility advocates in their schools, on their campuses, and around their communities.

We have highlighted these talented youth during our annual Summit and through our Medium articles.

Students learning computer science

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