Projects and Programs

Support Local Change

Education is an inherently local enterprise, and school districts are the unit of change for ensuring that CS is implemented with rigor, inclusion, and sustainability goals.


  • SCRIPT - resources and process to aid school systems and local education agencies in strategic planning for CS education.
  • EcoSystemsforCS - an initiative to promote community-led systems change in K-12 computer science education
  • CSNYC - CSforALL grew out of CSNYC and still supports the NYC CS4ALL programs and implementation
  • CS Visions - research project to define the values that drive K-12 CS adoption and can be aligned with the design process
  • Office Hours - CSforALL members can schedule opportunities to receive consultation and support from the CSforALL team
  • CS4ALL NYC - a public/private initiative to ensure all 1.1 million NYC public school students learn computer science, with an emphasis on female, black, and Latinx students

Increase rigor and equity

The national community needs to develop, test, and refine strategies that improve our ability to serve all students.


  • Pledges to support CS Education - CSforALL helps move the community forward by calling on school and district leaders in the United States to commit to expanding CS access to all students
  • RPPforCS - together with SageFox Consulting, CSforALL leads a working group of currently funded NSF Research Practice Partnerships focused on CS education.
  • Home4CS - NSF funded project to identify opportunities for schools of education to increase their capacity to prepare teachers to teach computer science.
  • Expanding Computing Education Pathways  - (ECEP) Alliance is a National Science Foundation Broadening Participation in Computing Alliance that seeks to increase the number and diversity of students in K-16 computing and computing-intensive degrees by promoting state-level computer science education reform. ECEP works with 22 states and Puerto Rico to develop effective and replicable broadening participation in computing interventions and to create state-level infrastructure to foster equitable computing education policies
  • Knowledge Forum - convening of researchers to define and address key issues in K-12 CS education.
  • CSforALL and Out of School Time - Work with out of school time educators and programs to identify opportunities to include computer science education and participate in the CSforALL community.

Grow the movement

CSforALL builds on efforts led by families, educators, school districts, and representatives from government, industry, higher education, and the nonprofit sector across the country.


  • CSforALL Membership - the directory for the national CSforALL community, with more than 500 members representing 40 states and nearly 200 content providers
  • CSforALL Summit - annual convening to mark progress on the national CSforALL movement and announce new commitments to reach the goal of access to rigorous, inclusive, and sustainable computer science education for all US students
  • Community Calls - monthly open calls that feature the work of CSforALL members and address topics of common concern
  • CSforALL Slack - communication platform for CSforALL members
  • Social media - Twitter and Facebook engagement of the general public

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