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Curriculum authors and computer science education experience providers are key to the growth of rigorous computer science education for all students. Find ways to grow your program, best practices supported by research to integrate into your curriculum or program, or make a commitment to increase computer science education offerings for the community.

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Contribute to the Curriculum Directory

Become a member to enter, publish and align your curricula in our new curriculum directory! Its a great chance for educators to find what you offer!

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Students learning computer science

Find Research for Best Practices

Find current research projects that are working on student learning, professional development, and other topics in CS education.

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Make a Commitment to CS Education

Make a commitment for the CSforALL Summit to grow CS education.

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The Heart of CSforALL

Curriculum and Content Providers make up the majority of CSforALL membership and form the supportive and flourishing community of those whose goal is to advance computer science education.

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