AutoGradr - Automated Grading for Programming Assignments

AutoGradr - Automated Grading for Programming Assignments Photos

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AutoGradr is used in 14 countries by over 100 institutions to automate the grading of their CS courses. AutoGradr comes with a fully loaded web-based IDE. Our IDE supports project workspaces, preloaded stacks, and test case verification. Students can write their code, run, debug, and submit all in one place.

Instructors can create questions and have them graded without writing any code themselves. Write test cases with just the expected console run, or upload the I/O files. Leave the rest up to AutoGradr.

AutoGradr also supports Unit tests, Web UI tests, and Database tests - so you can use AutoGradr for more types of courses.

AutoGradr then provides real-time feedback to students. AutoGradr’s IDE emulates real-life coding environments for students, and provides help as though an instructor is watching over them. The grading interface helps students better understand how their submission differs from the expectations with feedback in less than 3 seconds.

AutoGradr supports all major programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, Swift, GoLang, C#, JavaScript, R, and many more. AutoGradr also supports web frameworks (Spring, Express), build tools (Maven, Gradle, Make), unit testing frameworks (JUnit, Jest, pytest) and databases (MySQL, MongoDB). Now you can automate tests for any kind of programs.

AutoGradr provides the complete AP CS50 curriculum and assignments so teachers can administer the course and assign coding projects based on the syllabus and have it automatically graded.