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Digital Age Academy provides online project-based workforce and entrepreneurial development programs targeted to the immediate needs of digital industries to help underserved 11th and 12th graders develop valuable skills that equip them to identify and solve real world problems. We achieve this goal by offering professional mentorship to groups of youth to identify, define and find solutions for problems in their community, potentially resulting in new businesses or startups.

Our 12-month program starts with an ideation stage where students brainstorm to identify societal/market problems. They team up with peers and work under the mentorship of an expert from a relevant industry. Our mentors are highly qualified experts from different AI-oriented sectors. They guide students to develop the specific technical skills (e.g., programming, data analysis, app development) and soft skills (e.g., leadership, collaboration, time management) necessary to successfully complete their projects.

More ambitious students who are interested in transforming their ideas into startup business plans and prototypes will have the choice to enter the incubator and accelerator stages. The accelerator places the most promising business pitches in front of corporate investors who can choose to fund projects with the most promise of entrepreneurial success.






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Digital Age Ideation

Learn how to identify needs in your community, the society, or market and how to evaluate your ideas!

Digital Age Ideation and Project

Learn how to identify needs in your community and generate innovative solutions to address those needs utilizing data and computer science