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Upperline School of Code empowers students to change their worlds with code. We train amazing teachers and employ professional development tools to deliver fun and inspiring programs that allow students to understand and use the technologies we take for granted every day. Summer and After School Courses: Our immersive summer programs teach students how to build Web and Mobile Applications using languages such as HTML, CSS, Ruby, Javascript, and Swift. Our students build real apps, learn coding best-practices, and get exposure to the technology sector through guest speakers and company visits. We believe the only way to become a great developer is to tackle hard problems, become part of a community of learners, and develop a deep appreciation for the art of code. As part of Upperline’s deep commitment to expanding computer science education to students of all backgrounds, we serve students of need through our scholarship programs and by providing intensive CS training opportunities to public school teachers from around the country. Our training program provides online mentorship, an in-person bootcamp, and four weeks of supported teaching over the summer.




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