CS Visions Toolkit

CS Visions highlights the importance of core values when it comes to computer science education. Understanding different reasons for teaching computer science isn’t just important so that we can get other people to care about CS, they should also shape what computer science education efforts look like - who gets opportunities to learn, what kinds of things get taught and in what ways. Our values should be expressed in our practice.

Read our white paper.

CS Visions Cover

In our white paper, CS for What? Diverse Visions of Computer Science Education in Practice, Rafi Santo, Sara Vogel and Dixie Ching share the CS Visions framework. It outlines core values and impacts associated with computer science education, and how the framework can be useful as a tool for deliberation and design.

There is not one purpose for education, and there should not be one purpose for computer science education either.

Download the CS Visions Unplugged Activity

If you’re a district leader, principal, teacher, researcher or designer interested in CS education, you can use the resources below to go through an ‘unplugged’ CS Visions activity, and think through how your values can shape the choices you make around CS education.

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