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CodeCombat makes learning to code as easy as playing a game, letting teachers with no programming background offer a full computer science class through game-based, personalized learning. CodeCombat is a multiplayer programming game for learning how to code. We teach Python, JavaScript, and other languages directly in the browser. With CodeCombat, we�re providing a scalable, high-effectiveness, high-engagement solution that can rapidly get every student in the country the computer science and computational thinking skills they�ll need in tomorrow�s high-tech world. CodeCombat is easy for teachers and schools to implement. Because no homework is needed and prep time is minimal, teachers can be empowered to actually help students understand the concepts instead of spending all their time preparing lessons and grading homework. CodeCombat provides assessment, progress metrics, class management, course guides, and support–everything a teacher needs. With thousands of schools and millions of students, we are bringing computer science education to every student in grades 4-12, regardless of gender, race, or background. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn.


AP CSP with CodeCombat

Endorsed by the College Board, our AP CSP curriculum provides game-based and turnkey tools to prepare students for the AP exam.


A game-based coding adventure for students and your turnkey solution for teaching Computer Science.