AP CSP with CodeCombat


CodeCombat makes learning to code as easy as playing a game, letting teachers with no programming background offer a full CS course.

Our innovative game-based learning technology has transformed the way students prepare for the AP CSP exam. Through our browser-based games, students learn about important exam topics while exercising the critical thinking skills that are necessary for success on the exam.

With our curriculum, students will practice every stage of the Create Task through scaffolded and approachable capstone projects that can be adapted to a wide variety of student needs. We also provide curriculum and Kahoot! quizzes for students to practice multiple choice exam questions.

For Data, Impacts of Computing, and additional Big Ideas, our turnkey lesson slides help students explore these topics through meaningful discussions and collaborative projects. Filled with real-world connections, our curriculum will allow students to fully understand how coding affects their everyday lives.

CodeCombat offers an online, self-paced professional development course for educators of all levels of AP CSP expertise. Participants will explore the CodeCombat curriculum and learn how it can be used to prepare students to succeed on the AP CSP exam. Through asynchronous discussions with fellow teachers and video conferences with CodeCombat learning designers, you will be equipped with the tools and techniques you need to support all of your students in AP CSP. At the end of the course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion that can be used for the renewal of your teaching credential.

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