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A rabbit and a turtle have to cross a river. It takes the rabbit 1 hour, and 2 hours for the turtle. How long will it take them to get there?

They are crossing together, so the answer is 2 hours, but most children will answer 3. They know how to add and multiply, but there is no math operation they can apply to solve this problem. It requires a different kind of thinking. Computational Thinking.

Many platforms try to teach Computational Thinking. They all use coding. We don’t. We teach children to solve problems. Complex problems.

At Plethora, we encourage creativity over technical syntax, as our online platform focuses on the pure cognitive processes involved in Computational Thinking.

An academic research has confirmed that Plethora indeed improves problem-solving skills and competency levels.

Plethora’s motto is that coding is great, but thinking is unlimited!


Plethora - Foundations of Computational Thinking

Plethora uses gamification to teach youth the foundations of Computational Thinking so they can use them in every aspect of their life.

K-12 CS Framework Aligned