CSforALL's Response to COVID-19

Make a Commitment to Advancing CS Education

Submission Deadline: September 30, 2020

All CS education stakeholders are invited to submit commitments and actions to the goal of rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science for all students.

Check out the scale of commitments over the years in our visualization:

Commitments visualization

Call for 2020 Commitments is open

Girl Scouts Commitment

The Girl Scouts make a commitment on the CSforALL Summit stage.

What is a CSforALL Commitment?

CSforALL commitments are new, specific, and measurable actions taken by community stakeholders in support of achieving the ultimate goal of computer science for all US students. Commitments can be large or small and don’t always require large investments of funding. They must represent new work or be additive to existing work, such as expanding a program to a new audience or significantly growing the reach of a program. Commitments are announced at the annual CSforALL Summit and commitment progress is celebrated year-round through social media, guest blogs, events and more.

What’s New?


We have updated commitment categories that reflect the new CSforALL priority areas:

  1. Close the Gaps - Identify, Name, and Close CS Gaps
  2. Design for Diversity - Design from the Beginning
  3. Prepare the Solvers - Problem Solvers Not Process Followers

Submission Process

Submitting a commitment is quick and easy, check out our commitment wizard, designed to help you “initiate” the process of writing a concise and impactful commitment. The wizard will automatically generate a brief commitment statement based on your responses, which can be used when submitting the actual commitment.

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