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What is the pledge?

The CSforALL K-12 Accessibility Pledge is a way for content creators, program providers, school districts and regional or state education associations, funders, as well as researchers, to declare support for making CSforALL accessible to all students, with a focus on the inclusion of students with disabilities in K-12 Computer Science(CS) education. In signing the Accessibility Pledge, signatories declare their willingness to help make computer science literacy an integral part of the educational experience for every child. Interested organizations can complete the pledge by filling out the form linked from

What am I committing to by signing the pledge?

The pledge is a non-binding affirmation that you: (1) believe that computer science education is important for ALL students including students with disabilities and (2) will work to create, provide or research high-quality CS education for all students. Signing the pledge is not a legally binding commitment, but it does allow CSforALL to include your name or that of your organization in a public announcement.

What is the language of the pledge?

By checking “Yes,” you pledge to support the goals of the CSforALL Accessibility Pledge by working towards one or more of the following: creating accessible content, platforms or tools; providing accessible programming for all students; working as a district, regional or state educational organization to oversee or support the implementation of accessible CS education in formal school settings; engage in research that includes the consideration of those with disabilities as an underrepresented population. Clicking “Yes” gives CSforALL permission to list your organization as a part of an announcement at the CSforALL Summit.

Why are there other questions on the form?

CSforALL supports the growth of the K-12 CS education movement across the country. We collect data about the state of CS education in schools and districts to help us prioritize resources and efforts. Other than adding your name or that of your organization to a public list, we will not share the data you provide except in anonymous aggregate (e.g., “150 of responding organizations indicated…”).

Great! I’m on board with the CSforALL Accessibility Pledge! What else can I do to get more involved?

We are so excited to have you on board! Please forward the pledge to other content providers, CS education program providers (working in formal and informal settings), neighboring schools/districts, funding partners, as well as those who engage in CS education research. Please share over social media, and help us promote this work! Additionally, please check out our Become a Member page to learn how to become a member of CSforALL. It’s free!

CSforALL members can engage with one another and the CSforALL team on our Slack channel, sign up for Office Hours with the CSforALL team, and follow us on Facebook, Medium, and Twitter.

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