K-12 Computer Science Framework

What is the K-12 Computer Science Framework?

The Association for Computing Machinery, Code.org, Computer Science Teachers Association, Cyber Innovation Center, and National Math and Science Initiative have collaborated with states, districts, and the computer science education community to develop conceptual guidelines for computer science education. The guidelines are designed to transform computer science into a subject accessible for all.

The 5 Core Concepts

  1. Computing Systems
  2. Networks and the Internet
  3. Data and Analysis
  4. Algorithms and Programming
  5. Impacts of Computing

The 7 Core Practices

  1. Fostering an Inclusive Computing Culture
  2. Collaborating Around Computing
  3. Recognizing and Defining Computational Problems
  4. Developing and Using Abstractions
  5. Creating Computational Artifacts
  6. Testing and Refining Computational Artifacts
  7. Communicating About Computing

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