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What Are We Learning?

RPPforCS Theme Studies

WT Grant Foundation suggested a five dimension framework for assessing effectiveness and growth in RPPs. A series of five theme studies will be generated reflecting experiences during the grant period of a subset of RPPforCS projects around each of the five dimensions, including:

1. Trust and building relationships

2. Rigorous research informing action

3. Supporting the partner practice organization in achieving its goals

  1. Roles Computer Science Teachers Play in RPP

4. Producing knowledge that informs educational improvement broadly

5. Capacity building in each partner toward ability to engage in partnership work

Research Practice Briefs

During the process of data collection, the project team will be authoring a series of Research Practice Briefs to inform the community on trends to inform implementation and pedagogy.

Brief #1: The Health Assessment Tool

Brief #2: Girls and Young Women in CS

Brief #3: Culturally Responsive Computing: A Concept Without Consensus

Brief #4: Data Use in CSforALL RPP’s

Brief #5: How language around computing influences research and practice in a partnership

RPPforCS Products

Products of the projects

Products of this team

RPPforCS Annual Meetup eBook 2018

Notes from the 2019 RESPECT Conference

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